If Pilates is new to you or you just need a re-fresher, this is your ideal start for a solid experience or re-introduction. Students will have the opportunity to discuss their background experiences, injuries, health & goals. All sessions will be customized to fit the student's needs and will be re-assessed as needed, while the progress and understanding of the method develops.

Pre, post-natal, rehabilitation & professional athlete specializations also offerered.

Do you or a friend or a partner like working together on self -care? Pilates movement can be a fun way to explore this process comfortably with varied partnered exercises as well as creative repertoire for those who enjoy the vigor of Mat work, Circuit or the Chair apparatus.

It is recommended students have at least six 1:1 sessions or a solid understanding of Pilates for these sessions.

Similar to the duet aspect of self care but usually involves a circuit setting (i.e. utilizing various studio apparatus & props) and/or specific Mat repertoire. Trio & Group settings can be really motivating and can develop fun dynamics, challenges & experiences with on-going practice.

Weather permitting, outdoor sessions will commence, utilizing a circuit component of magic circles, foam rollers, mini-balls & mat repertoire. Class size is limited to five students.