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Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™

I am a movement, rehab & pilates enthusiast.

My name is Alicia, but most call me Alex. I am a California native--shout out to my hometown of Sacramento & have a B.A. in Liberal Arts/Psychology (UO '99; GO DUCKS!) I come to the table with a myriad of movement experience & have devoted a majority of my adult life helping people get into their bodies, whether it be in Pilates studios (UCSF, Tucson & Oakland), rock climbing gyms, outpatient behavioral health settings, work spaces, home settings or even, the great outdoors.

I processes through movement & Pilates has stood the test of time both for my body & psyche. In '95, I was introduced to Pilates during a college Modern Dance class (knee drop/slides changed my life & hip flexors:) I've been practicing diligently, ever since. By '04, I began teaching Pilates mat classes, while maintaining a FT clinical & administrative job in the Behavioral Health Non-Profit sector. By 2011, I embarked on my Pilates Teacher Training Certificate of 602+ hrs -The Pilates Connection (PMA Certified School/Michele Larsson, Santa Fe lineage), Tucson, AZ (earned in 2012). I love taking virtual (Zoom, etc.) classes with various teachers in the community & world, as well as teaching my own virtual (Zoom/Skype/FaceTime) sessions/classes to students and in my boutique home studio or in student’s homes/businesses. Before COVID-19, I was actively continuing my student experience by annually traveling around the US (most recently in 2019 to spend time with my mentor; Mary Bowen) to learn more about movement/anatomy/psyche/history/etc., with like minded folks. I am a forever student of this practice.

When time allows, I participate in teacher classes in SF, CA with a 2nd Generation Teacher's Teacher, Jennifer Stacey, M.S & with Faye Stevenson at East Bay Pilates in Oakland. I am a pioneer teacher of IPA; Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ (J.Stacey). The translation of Joe Pilates' work in the water adds a beautiful element to my studio experience both as a teacher & student. IPA keeps my muscles and bones honest. All of the classical work on the Pilates apparatus & mat is translated in the water/side of pool. If you happen to nerd out on movement like I do, you’ll probably love the aquatic experience, too. It’s for every BODY & lots of FUN!

I believe it’s important to not take oneself too seriously, especially in the movement/Pilates world. Movement evolves & combining humor with that process is some of the best medicine out there. Finding that inner kid is a good reminder. Last but certainly not least, in addition to my boutique Pilates home studio, I am also the CEO/Pet Pro Extraordinaire at Mister Beever’s Paws & Claws (Mobile Veterinarian Technician Pet Business).



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Classical? Contemporary? Athlete? Rehab? Retired? No experience? Fantastic! The more diverse, the better. A tailor made movement experience just for you. Boutique studio. Virtual studio. Pilates-Movement-Exploration. Restore. Heal. Meet Your Core, Inner Kid & Joy. All bodies, shapes & sizes are welcome. LGBTQI.

At Meet Your Core, we have a NO tolerance policy when it comes to any form of discrimination, both virtually or in the studio. Our mission is to empower people to feel safe, included & welcomed. This is a hate free zone. All who enter the virtual or in person studios are entering a space of equality & humanness.


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